New Bumper for the little Buick


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Ca pousse!!!!

a video of David Durell's 71 Buick 71 455 stage 1 with a Vortech supercharger ...



and a picture of the car which is a 1971 GS 455 with a 9.76 to 1 455 with Greg Gessler Level 4 heads, TA intake, 1.60 TA roller rockers, Hemi Killer cam, TA Headers Jet Hot coated in Sterling, stock TRW forged pistons, stock rods,  stock crank, 850 Holley DP, MSD electronics including boost timing master, Turbo 400 Tranny with 10" Art Carr convertor that stalls at 3200 rpm, Gear Vendor's Overdrive, stock 10 bolt rear end with 3.73 gears, tubular lowers, no hop bars, Hal 12 way adjustable shocks, full interior, full weight GS weighing almost 4300 lbs with David in it. The supercharger is Vortech's YS trim  supercharger with the carburetor enclosure.  It looks like it is injected.   The car put down 814 lbs of torque at 2900 at 543 horsepower at 4500 (On the dyno)before the tires started going up in smoke and the car was shut down. The boost peaked at 7.6 lbs.  The car is a reliable vehicle that ran problem free for five years before he tores it down for a freshening and some new Gessler Heads.  The supercharger is a recent install and very reliable as well.  He runs it on pump gas until he takes to the strip and then he mixes in VP.  The cylinder heads that Greg ported were the key to the mint on the combination.  In stock appearing form (except for headers)  the car ran a best of 12.00.  


Last time out the car ran 11.21 at 125 mph with a 1.78 60 foot time.  This is when the car wasn't tuned.  After the initial blower install the car made 771 lbs of torque to rear wheels.  After adding ram air and tuning the car made 814 lbs of torque to wheels and horsepower went up by more than 40 hp across the board.  He brought the car back to the track after the install and the car picked up 5 mph in the 1/8th, but he kept losing blower belts.  He then tore down the engine to freshen.  The car was easily a 130 mph car at a peak boost of 7.6 lbs.  Traction has been his enemy. 

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r side

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Flat 2

Front and rear.....is there a gremlin on board???

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